lunedì, maggio 24, 2004

Politica (Alta) - Sharon, Arafat and Bush must go

Haaretz - Israel News - Sharon, Arafat and Bush must go:

Se dovessi immaginare una "Coalizione di ragionevoli" che possa disegnare un Medio Oriente migliore, i giornalisti di Haaretz avrebbero un posto assicurato

"American presidents who contributed to correct Israeli decisions would not be announcing, at the end of a week during which Israel killed 42 Palestinians, among them eight children, and made 1,560 Palestinians homeless, that events would not influence friendship with Israel. Administrations that were willing to invest international political resources in peace initiatives did not shred presidential plans, one after the other, as if they had never existed. American leaders, among them the father of the present president, who believed that deepening the occupation was harmful to U.S. (and Israeli) interests did not ignore the 'thickening' of the settlements."

"The experience of recent years has shown that the Bush-Sharon-Arafat trinity is a surefire formula for the perpetuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Until the Israelis and the Palestinians learn to get along with each other by themselves, the U.S. president has enough power all by himself to extend the agonies of war. Changing the failed governments in Jerusalem and Ramallah is therefore a sufficient, if not essential, condition for the revival of the peace process. In order, perhaps, for the world - that is for the U.S. - to come to the aid of the peoples of the region, the failed government in Washington must also change"

Poi torni in Italia e pensi alle foto di Diliberto con Arafat......

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