lunedì, giugno 21, 2004

Oggi è la giornata mondiale dei rifugiati

Il modo più sensato per festeggiarla nei Paesi Europei sarebbere rendere più semplici, snelle e rispettose dei diritti umani le modalità di accoglienza e gestione (una per tutte, perchè un rifugiato non può guadagnarsi da vivere onestamente?) e interessarsi delle nuove tragedie che nascono Sudan: Refugee Day-Sudan: The Desperate Plight of Darfur: "On the eve of World Refugee Day (Jun. 20), there seems little relief in sight for Darfur - where Arab militias are said to have launched a scorched earth campaign against the members of three black ethnic tribes: the Fur, Masaalit and Zaghawa.

Reports from the region indicate that villages have been torched, women raped and cattle stolen during the 16-month conflict, which the UN's Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs - Jan Egeland - has said amounts to ethnic cleansing.

The militias, also known as janjaweed ('men on horseback'), are reportedly backed by the Sudanese government, a charge Khartoum denies. Human rights groups point out that the Fur, Masaalit and Zaghawa are the same ethnic groups that two loosely allied rebel movements in the region draw their membership from: the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army and the Justice and Equality Movement.

At present, about a million people have been displaced in Darfur as a result of the conflict, while the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that 158,000 have fled to neighbouring Ch"

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