giovedì, giugno 09, 2005

10 motivi per non comprare i diamanti

C'è un piccolo conflitto d'interessi , visto che sono sotto regalo d'anniversarione e vorrei evitare il brillocco (consigli alternativi nei commenti).

Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring: "Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Accept a Diamond Ring from Anyone, Under Any Circumstances, Even If They Really Want to Give You One (2/14/02)

1. You've Been Psychologically Conditioned To Want a Diamond
2. Diamonds are Priced Well Above Their Value
3. Diamonds Have No Resale or Investment Value
4. Diamond Miners are Disproportionately Exposed to HIV/AIDS
5. Open-Pit Diamond Mines Pose Environmental Threats
6. Diamond Mine-Owners Violate Indigenous People's Rights
7. Slave Laborers Cut and Polish Diamonds
8. Conflict Diamonds Fund Civil Wars in Africa
9. Diamond Wars are Fought Using Child Warriors
10. Small Arms Trade is Intimately Related to Diamond Smuggling

(gedankt a Massimo Morelli e Leibniz)

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