martedì, febbraio 28, 2006

Siae Downunder

Australian IT - Copyright makes web a turn-off (Simon Hayes, FEBRUARY 28, 2006):

Noi avremo gli ispettori Siae alle feste in parrocchia, ma in Australia vogliono far pagare le scuole per il materiale cui accedono gli studenti tramite Internet (chiaremente un fisso da distribuire tra gli authors australiani, mentre il materiale viene da tutto il mondo)

"SCHOOLS have warned they will have to turn off the internet if a move by the nation's copyright collection society forces them to pay a fee every time a teacher instructs students to browse a website.

Teachers said students in rural areas would bear the brunt of cuts if the Copyright Agency was successful in adding internet browsing charges to the $31 million in photocopying fees it rakes in from schools.

The agency calculates the total due by randomly sampling schools each year for materials they copy, and extrapolating the results."

(via BoingBoing)

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