giovedì, dicembre 14, 2006

Un esempietto di finanza etica

In un esempio di "shareholder activism" , il comptroller della Città di New York, sta usando le rilevanti quote del fondo pensione municipale in Google e Yahoo per forzarle a rifiutare " demands for censorship and to ensure that they do not engage in any "proactive censorship"

Forse viola qualche regola base del liberismo, ma limitare la censura e assicurarsi che almeno le grandi corporation non assecondino i sistemi dittatoriali è nell'interesse di medio-lungo termine di tutti (e in quello di breve termine degli oppositori cinesi)


The city's pension fund,
which is now valued at about $96 billion, owns about $276 million worth
of Google stock and about $110 million worth of Yahoo stock. The
holdings represent well below 1% of the value of each of the

California-based companies.

But, the pension fund does have clout. And, this is not the first
time that Mr. Thompson, who won his re-election in a landslide in
November, has used the fund to promote social ideals. In the past he
has used it to pressure Halliburton, the global contracting company, to divest itself from business in Iran.

He has also leveraged the pension fund to get the supermarket chain Winn-Dixie to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation and to pressure the beverage giant Coca-Cola to allow an independent investigation into violent acts against union leaders at bottling plants in Colombia.

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