mercoledì, maggio 18, 2005

De Bellaigue in pillole

Foreign Policy: Think Again: Iran: "Christopher de Bellaigue covers Iran for The Economist and is author of In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs: A Memoir of Iran"

L'articolo merita di essere letto (la risposta al punto 1 se abitassi a Gerusalemme non mi lascerebbe proprio tranqui), il libro di De Bellaigue sarebbe molto carino se il corrispondente dagli Usa me lo portasse

If Iran Gets a Nuclear Bomb, Iran Will Use It”
Very unlikely

Iran Has No Use for Nuclear Power”

The Iranian People Support Their Leaders’ Nuclear Program”
Not really.

Only the Threat of Force Can Dissuade Iran from Advancing with Its Nuclear Plans”

U.S. Military Action Would Embolden Dissidents to Topple the Islamic Republic”
Criticizing the Islamic Republic Helps Dissidents Inside Iran”

“If Iraq Becomes a Democracy, so Will Iran”
Wishful thinking.

Iran Cannot Be Reformed from Within”
Wrong again

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