venerdì, settembre 23, 2005

Tutta colpa del Paradiso Nord Coreano

1972 propone per la palma di (in)utile idiota Ted Turner con le sue dichiarazioni sulla Corea del Nord.
Io ho scovato il regista Daniel Gordon che ha girato un film su due ginnaste nord coreane: alcune perle dall'intervista su AsiaSource

" Did you get any sense from the people you met that there might be fear of punishment if they said anything on camera against the government?

No, one of the surprising and encouraging things was how open they were with us. No one looked at our footage or tried to edit it before we left the country.

In the film you see that there are still distinct classes in North Korean society, but they are all considered equal. In the film the intellectual class and the worker class don’t seem to live much differently from each other. Did you see any differences in their lives?

No, I think like our lives each family approached life very differently, but their lives seemed to be pretty much the same – how they chose to spend their money was different of course. "

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